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PST 25cm (10") DISPLAY

Only reconditioned avaliable

Compatible with all major timing systems including Alge, TAG, FinishLynx, etc.
2-year warranty as per all our display products.

The Standard 6-digit display using 25cm characters (10" high) is popular due to its large character height, making it legible from greater distances (up to 500') than our 15cm displays (300' visibility). Ideal for short-term rentals! Click here for our smaller 15cm models.

Looking for a larger ultra-rugged display for general-purpose use? Look no further than Phoenix Sports Technology's self-contained 6-digit displays. Identical to our 15cm units but with almost double the character height for greater visibility. Housed in professional-grade travel cases, these high-performance scoreboards can be setup in seconds -- simply snap off the optional face cover and you're in business! Integrated, spring-loaded suspension hooks are secure and ensure a safe installation. Scoreboards also have a standard Ultimate-type tripod socket on the bottom.

Based on the Alge chipset & controller, these units are assembled using the finest components available. Using our standard high-visibility 6" digits, these units feature six digits for elapsed time (measured to 1/100th sec.). 

Digit height is 25cm (10"), but is also available in custom sizes and configurations including 10cm (4") and 15cm (6").

  • high-quality weatherproof electronics
  • works with all major timing brands (Alge, TAG, FinishLynx)
  • onboard rechargeable battery lasts days on a charge
  • Internal timing chip allows it to be used as a stand-alone clock (count-down & count-up)
  • simple plug-in connections for power & data
  • self-contained one-piece display is housed in "rock 'n roll" type travel case
  • removable cover protects polycarbonate face and makes setup a snap
  • recessed, aircraft-grade hooks ensure secure installations
  • 60 lbs. total weight including battery pack and 120/220 VAC charger
  • Dimensions: 56"L x 14.5"H x 8"D (142cm x 37cm x 20cm)
All PST displays come with a two-year comprehensive parts & labor warranty.


This product is fully compatible with all existing Alge & PST products.
Alge-PST Display Manual