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The Industry Standard

Official Timekeeping System of the UCI Track World Cup Classics Series 2003-2005
and all current USCF National Championships (Road & Track)

PST can provide you with a complete, turn-key
Event Management System that will reliably provide
integrated Timing, Results, UCI Reports, Scoreboard, Web, and TV outputs.


Phoenix Sports has long been the industry leader in developing innovative solutions for the often-complex world of Track Cycling. As the Official Timekeepers of the UCI Track World Cup series 2003-2005, the UCI Junior Track World Championships since 2001, and all current USCF Road & Track National Championships, we have been formally recognized for our excellence. Put our experience to work at your facility and learn how easy it can be to stage a world-class event!
The PST Velodrome Management System (VMS)  is composed of an integrated hardware / software / cabling solution that effectively reinvents the way velodrome installations are performed. Our system focuses on the core priorities of timing, infrastructure, and data flow. Once contracted, we will provide you with all necessary timing equipment and related hardware, a complete software package, and a comprehensive cabling & installation guide. To ensure success, we are also able to provide on-site consultation, training & supervision both before and during your event.
The heart of the VMS is our own VeloResults software package. Developed and continuously refined over a period of several years, the latest release of VR represents a giant leap forward in conventional timing processes. One application easily controls all data flow during the event, including Timing, Scoreboards, realtime WiFi & TV output, Announcer Screens, Results, UCI Reports, etc.
  • Complete Event Management Solution
  • Integrated Timing & Results Software
  • UCI-standard Reports / Communiqué Generator
  • Audit-Trail Manager for forensic data tracking
  • Integrated IP-based Commentator Screen for announcers, press rooms, etc. -- runs on any PC  on the network
  • Integrated WiFi module (802.11b) allows anyone at the venue with a wireless-enabled PC to monitor results in real time
  • Output in many formats including HTML, Acrobat PDF, Excel, Lotus, generic text, etc.
  • Integrated Help system
  • Import and Export features allow for easy transfer of information between registration, scoring, and results databases
  • Accepts time-of- day information from the complete line of ALGE and TAG-Heuer timers and time bases. A duplicate time log allows the operator to monitor, select, or use all times being recorded by the system
  • PST's VMS system is the only system providing 100m splits for 200m Sprint Qualifier events!
  • Unlike other products, times are never lost! The software automatically records all time-of-day impulses, while a built-in time calculator allows athlete records to be modified and manual times from backup systems to be entered.
  • Supports most major brands of display scoreboards and message centers -- outputs serial data via IP packets with all the data needed for you to design custom scoreboard interfaces
  • The companion Sockmon program is a networked redirect program that allows multiple brands of displays and television graphics devices to be connected without affecting system performance
Download the trial versions and see for yourself!
This product family is fully compatible with all existing Alge & PST products, including all PST displays.

VeloResults Tutorial
Acrobat document - 2.7Mb

VeloResults Presentation
Powerpoint document - 2.1Mb

Powerpoint Viewer
(Office 97) - 2.8Mb