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Only reconditioned avaliable

Dual-display visual & audible countdown system based on Alge chipset.
2-year warranty as per all our display products.

This specialized display set was designed for use at velodromes as a Pursuit Countdown System. When connected to the Alge Timy Cyclestart controller located at the Judges stand, this ingenious system gives athletes a visual & audible countdown cue while being retained in the start blocks, and helps to minimize false starts.

The Countdown system is composed of two matching displays housed in heavy-duty Pelican briefcase-sized cases, one at each Pursuit line facing the athletes. The displays are wired to an Timy Cyclestart controller located at the judges stand. Display controller features programmable display-countdown interval and is cross-connected to the timing tapeswitches so that false starts are immediately detected if the athlete leaves early.

Each display features an internal weatherproof beeper with adjustable volume controls, so competitors and officials get both visual and audible cues. Audible cues consist of a 10-second warning beep and a five-second countdown to Start, but are also user-programmable using the Timy Cyclestart.

Standard digit height is 4".

  • high-quality weatherproof electronics
  • self-contained one-piece display is housed in Pelican weatherproof case
  • Briefcase-style design -- just open and go!
  • Simple banana-plug connections
  • Approx. 8 lbs. total weight per display including battery pack and 120/220 VAC charger
All PST displays come with a two-year comprehensive parts & labor warranty.
This product is fully compatible with all existing Alge & PST products.