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New for Fall 2013, the latest version of Alge's popular Timy series comes equipped with an onboard 2.4 Ghz wireless module and variable output power from 10 to 100 milliwatts! It represents the latest addition to the ever-expanding line of Alge WTN (Wireless Timing Network) products. The Timy 3 will eventually replace its predecessor the Timy 2, and possesses the same impressive range of powerful features.


  • 2.4 Ghz radio module
  • Variable power output from 10-100 mW
  • 16 adjustable frequencies and 5 timing channels, for data transmission up to 350m (approx 375 yards / 1000 feet)


  • Extremely accurate timebase based on Alge's temperature-compensated quartz crystal ("X"-equipped models)
  • High-readability, high-contrast backlit 128 x 64 liquid crystal display employing multiple font sizes & styles permits outstanding intuitive interface
  • Weatherproof silicon keyboard features large buttons that facilitate use even when wearing heavy gloves
  • User-upgradeable flash-based firmware allows for easy evolution of device, as well as easy installation of custom sport-specific programs. Update Manager software available here; Program updates available directly from the Alge Website
  • Multiple communication protocols including RS-232, and RS-485
  • First timer to employ super-simple USB com port technology
  • Supports scoreboard-output
  • 9-channel capability, with expandability up to 99 channels
  • huge memory -- up to 30,000 splits
  • Optional integrated high-speed printer (Models P & PXE). Printer features an absolutely simple paper-change process that takes seconds. Printer is also available as a standalone device called the P5
  • High tolerance to weather extremes -- rated from -20C to 55C (-4F to 122F), but we've used this device in -40C (-40F) with no problems, though we recommend the printer be turned off to conserve batteries
  • Improved-design internal rechargeable battery pack
The following accessories are available for the Timy:
  • Timy 3WP -- Top-of-the-line Timy with integrated printer and thermo-compensated quartz crystal
  • Timy 3W -- same as above but no printer; unit is compatible with P5 printer as an add-on (to be FIS-approved the timer must have an attached printer, either integrated or direct-cable connection)
The Timy is fully compatible with all existing Alge & PST products, including all PST displays.

Certain models of this timer that utilize the thermo-compensated quartz crystal (TCXO) have been homologated for use in international competition by the International Ski Federation (FIS). In order to comply with the certificate, the timer(s) must possess or be connected to a functioning printer and must employ the TCXO chip.

TIMY 3 WP (with printer) HOMOLOGATION # ALG.090.14
TIMY 3 W (no printer) HOMOLOGATION # ALG.089.14

Timy 3 User's Manual
Timy 3 Brochure

FIS Homologation Numbers